Programs at Nettles Academy

Nettles Academy's objective is to provide a positive atmosphere, which will promote the social, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth of children.
Learning experiences appropriate for the developmental age of each group are provided daily. To achieve this purpose, the Academy creates and maintains an environment that is conducive to the pursuit of learning through programs that are designed to help each child meet his or her goal.
All our programs are built upon the early childhood creative curriculum. You can be assured that your child's experience at Nettles will be filled with care, fun and learning.

Programs at a Glance

Infant Program

The purpose of the Infant Program is to encourage, assist, and protect the normal development of each child. This, coupled with the love, emotional nurturance, and a healthy physical environment, promotes a desire to learn and continue to build trust.

Toddler Program

At this juncture, curiosity is in full bloom and they want to understand their surroundings. Therefore, the environment is the curriculum. The curriculum is based on the following developmental areas: Sensory and Perceptual, Physical and Motor, and self-help activities. Development includes: feeding themselves, potty training, dressing skills, music, songs, dancing, simple projects, stories, developing the sense of sight , smell, touch, taste and hearing and much more.

PreSchool Program

At this stage of development, the Preschooler feels fully independent and that they can do almost anything. They are truly creative in their own little way and that is why our goal for them is to cultivate their own natural desire to learn. We use the following developmental centers: Practical Life, Math, Sensorial, and Book to nurture and grow independence and learning.


Download and complete the student application. Please contact us with any questions you might have.
We will be in contact within 24hrs.

Nettles Academy Class Categories

  • Infants (6weeks - 14mos) -------- Class Name: Cuddle Bug
  • Beginners (15mos - 22mos) -------- Class Name: Cuddle Bug Extension
  • Toddlers (23mos - 34mos) -------- Class Name: Cubs
  • Preschoolers (3yrs - 5yrs) -------- Class Name: Bears (potty trained only)
  • Summer Campers (6yrs - 10yrs) -------- Class Name: Bear Seniors

  • Download Tuition & Fees Information

    Tuition & Fees Information


    Registration covers materials used in the classroom such as crayons, colors, pencils, construction paper, curriculum materials, etc.
    ++ In order to get the reduction in tuition rate, the child must be fully potty trained (PT)

    Updated: 07/07/2020

    Class Registration
    Total Tuition
    Infant (6weeks - 14mos) $100.00 $180.00 $720.00
    Beginners (15mos - 22mos) $120.00 $165.00 $660.00
    Toddlers (23mos - 34mos) $120.00 $165.00++ ($150 if PT) $660.00++
    Preschoolers (3yrs - 5yrs) $120.00 $150.00 $600.00
    Summer Campers (6yrs - 10yrs) $55.00 $125.00 $500.00
    Before & After School Care $50.00 $75.00 $300.00